Mets fans, we say this every year… “This is our year.” We thought we were going to win it all in 2000 but were shut down by the Yankees. In 2006 we had the best record in the National League, but a curveball by Adam Wainwright ended our World Series dreams. 2 years ago we weren’t the favorites to even make the playoffs but with a few tears and the emergence of a superstar in Queens, we won our first Pennant since 2000. However, in the World Series, we fell short yet again. We were no match for the pesky Royals. It was a heart break all over again but we told ourselves that 2016 was going to be our year.


In fact, 2016 was not our year. There were too many injuries. Too many slumps. But we still managed to make the Wild Card round of the Playoffs. We have seen the resilience from this team the past two seasons. So why not this season? Why not 2017? Can we go all the way? The hurtles are always going to try and stop us. We can’t control the injuries, the slumps and the errors because that can happen to anybody and any team. However, we can control our resilience. We need to believe in this team.

Resilience;                                                                                                                                                   noun                                                                                                                                                                 the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.


On paper this team looks stacked. So lets focus on what we can control; Resilience. Looking at this lineup top to bottom and that is what we should be seeing. Forget the stats for a second. Forget the metrics, the projections for the players. Look at the lefty, righty sequence. This is going to change the pitchers approach and mess up the managers lefty specialist substitution late in the game. Lets take a look at the depth chart at the bottom of the page. We have a pretty versatile bench that can play several positions if needed.

Our starting rotation and bullpen has several question marks going into this season. When healthy we have one of the best rotations and starting pitching depth in baseball. But again lets control what we can control; Resilience.

If we expect to make the postseason three years in a row (first time in Mets history) it is going take toughness and grit to play through those 162 regular season games. When the 2015 Royals and the 2016 Cubs won it all they had talent such like the Mets and they showed resilience. We can learn from those two teams. So if it happened to them, then why not us? LETS GO METS!

Starting lineup:

  1. Curtis Granderson CF (L)                                                       
  2. Astrubal Cabrera SS (S)
  3. Yoenis Cespedes LF (R)
  4. Jay Bruce RF (L)

    Lucas Duda, Astrubal Cabrera, David Wright and Neil Walker huddle up during a pitching change.
  5. Neil Walker 2b  (S)
  6.  David Wright 3B  (R)
  7. Lucas Duda 1B (L)
  8. Travis d’Arnaud C (R)


  • Wilmer Flores 3b, 2b, SS, 1B
  • Renee Rivera C
  • TJ Rivera 2B, 3b
  • Jose Reyes Super Utility
  • Juan Lagares CF, RF
  • Michael Conforto *  OF

*Could start in the minors for playing time

Starting Rotation

deGrom, Matz, Syndergaard and Harvey during an ESPN 60 interview
  1. Noah Syndergaard (R)
  2. Jacob deGrom (R)
  3. Matt Harvey (R)
  4. Steven Matz (L)
  5. Robert Gsellman (R)


  • J. Familia (CL)
  • A. Reed (R)
  • H. Robles (R)
  • J. Edgin (L)
  • J. Smoker (L)
  • Z. Wheeler (R)
  • J. Belvins * (Lefty  specialist)

*Potential FA signing